Basic Information

What is PaisleyProductions?
PaisleyProductions are fun and creative photographers who love to capture life's most precious events.  We do this by the unique experiences custom made for you.  

Does PaisleyProductions do Videography?
Unfortunately we do not offer videography services for full length events, however we do offer special video productions like our exclusive wedding video Invitations or reception videos. 

Booking Information

What if our event is not in Fresno or we would like to have photos taken in another location?

That's ok! If you have your heart set on a specific location where you'd like to take photos, we want to make that happen for you.  Book a consultation with us to discuss the logistics.  

Do you travel to meet potential clients?

We currently book all consultations in Fresno. If that is impossible for you, we can set up a FaceTime or Skype Call.

Do you have a variety of Packages to Choose from?
Yes, please visit the Packages section here. These packages are our most common. We do offer the option to build your own.

How do we book with you and reserve our date?

You can let us know when your event is. If we are available for your date and a contract is signed, you can send us a 30% deposit. We will reserve your date to ensure your date is reserved.  If you would like to discuss your event first, book a consultation.  In addition, we do not double book so that 100% of our resources are used for your event.  

How much do you require for a deposit? 

We require a non-refundable 30% deposit.

Do you book multiple weddings on any given day?

No we do not. We want to ensure that 100% of our resources are dedicated to your event.

Do you provide partial day coverage?
We do! We can also provide partial event coverage too. For example, if you would like to book a wedding photoshoot with us but not the entire wedding, we can capture the magic by setting up a private photo session for a few hours during your wedding day! See packages.


What do you need from us prior to the event?

Prior to any event, there is a questionnaire that we would like you to fill out. You can either call us and fill it out over the phone or email it back to us.


If we cancel the wedding, is our deposit refundable?
Unfortunately no. Deposits are used to reserve your date

What if I need to change my wedding date after we have already given you a deposit?

We understand that things change, if we are available for booking on your new date we will gladly make the change as long as it is 1 month in advance to the event. 

Engagement Session Information

How many months before our wedding should we film our engagement session?
We recommend having a PaisleyProductions engagement session 2-4 months prior to your wedding. We notice that some of our clients like to use our photography at their Engagement Parties, on their event websites or on Save the Dates. Also it is a great way for couples to bond prior to the wedding and have a relaxing time together before the wedding.   


What kind of clothing should we wear for engagement photos? 

This is the number 1 question we get from our clients.  It is most important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and feel amazing about yourself.  If both of those things are checked off, then your photos will turn out amazing.  In addition, we do offer a style guide if you are completely out of ideas. Our style guide suggests color combinations for you and your soon to be.  The guide is provided after booking. 


What locations should we select for our engagement photos?

This is the number 2 question we get from our clients.  If you like some of the locations in our portfolio let us know. We can also suggest several locations based on the type of experience you'd like to have.  If you want to feel romantic, regal, or rustic we have many locations to suggest.  


How many hours do you suggest we set aside for an engagement session shoot?
It all depends on you. Our packages vary. We can discuss what would be the right option for you.


Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?
Absolutely.  We are available when you are ready.  


Can we incorporate photos or props in our engagement session? 
Absolutely. We love incorporating props and if you would like us to find something special for you to use as a prop we will even help you find it.


What if we exceed our contracted time for our engagement shoot? 
We have a standard rate for overtime hours. Per our clients approval, overtime is billed at the rate of $150/hour per Master Photographer and $100/hour per Associate Photographer.

What is a Video Wedding Invite?

While we don't provide videography services at events, we've had clients request for us to create a wedding video to play at their receptions or engagement parties or to send as wedding Save the Dates.  Find out more by booking a consultation or visiting the packages page.

Can you help us with sending out Save the Dates?

Yes. We can help you put together Save the Date cards for your guests. With our easy to proof process, once your photos are selected we can ship your Save the Date cards directly to you.

Wedding Information

Do you film both groom and bride preparation time? 
We can.  We have packages available for multiple photographers. Please visit the packages page. 


We don’t want a production made of our wedding day. How are you able to get all these moments without us or our guests noticing?
We have learned to blend in very well. At times, your guests might think we are one of their own, since we fit in so well. We are always dressed nice, and always wear dark clothing. In addition, we will usually work with your event coordinator prior to the wedding so we understand the expectations for the day and ensure we are part of a successful wedding day.  


What if we exceed our contracted time for our wedding day? 
We have a standard rate for overtime hours. Per our clients approval, overtime is billed at the rate of $150/hour per Master Cinematographer and $100/hour per Associate Cinematographer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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